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Moonwalk Audio has a team of composers, sound designers and integrators that have created world class music, sound design, and voice over for hundreds of games, apps, trailers, and TV. We're creative and passionate about audio, creating the highest quality of production. Let us take your project to the next level!



Full Credit List

After Gubman’s first game in 2006 (Pirates of the Burning Sea), he went on to score over 600 video games helping to establish the sound of many iconic downloadable, mobile, and casual titles while maintaining a solid career composing for various media projects. Gubman’s work can be heard in projects for notable clients like Disney, Zynga, Storm8, Sony, PlayFirst, GSN, GameHouse, NBC Today, and Warner-Chappell. He is known for his speed, creativity, and memorable melodic voice that brings unique branding to the projects he works on - he is passionate about all the projects that he touches, and delivers AAA quality no matter the project scope.


As an arranger and orchestrator, Adam has worked on additional music and orchestration for various TV and Film projects, including Sausage Party, Galavant, Ride Along 2, Smurfs: Lost Village, and the upcoming Baywatch. Recently, a song he orchestrated for Hugh Jackman from the upcoming film Greatest Showman (by Pasek and Paul) saw a debut and tour through Jackman’s Australian tour ‘OZ’. In 2014, he provided orchestration for EDM superstar BT’s album ‘Electronic Opus’. His work with YouTube artists Taylor Davis, Traci Hines, and others (co-writing and production) has yielded over 80 million views and growing. Gubman is also known for re-branding the NBC Today Show theme with Warner-Chappell Music Group, and has done numerous licensing and custom audio packages for TV News programs all over the world. Orchestration clients include Alan Menken, Chris Lennertz, Austin Wintory, Tom Salta, Pasek and Paul, BT, Warner-Chappell, Disney, and many more.


An avid songwriter, Adam is a composer for Disney Parks, and writes, arranges, orchestrates, and produces music for parades and entertainment. He will be opening his tenth show this Summer, at Tokyo Disneyland. He has seven original songs in the upcoming Baywatch, and has a personal mission to get one original song in every story drive game he writes for. Q2 2017 will see 10 original song releases within three new story-driven titles.


Adam’s musical ideology can be wrapped up in the slogan “Imagine the Sound of Your World”. His passion is finding the music culture in the games he works on, and he strives to give every project it’s own identity and musical thumbprint that includes source and songs.

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Epic battle robots to cute kitten bubble poppers- Alex can do it all.

Alex got started with audio early on, playing guitar and drums and recording all of their friends' music projects. Their passion for audio lead to a degree in Sound Arts at Ex'pression College. They spent a lot of time in recording studios but their favorite classes were sound design and game audio. One of Alex's first games was Zynga's Roller Coaster Kingdom in 2009. Since then Alex has been Senior Sound Designer on over 700 games for many of the top industry developers like Zynga, Storm 8, Disney, EA, Pocket Gems, Big Fish, Playstudios... Alex co-founded Moonwalk Audio in 2014 and has become a lead audio producer as well as cutting edge sound designer. They’re known for rich and creative sound design and attention to detail.



Joris Hoogsteder is a Dutch producer, composer, and arranger based in Los Angeles. He primarily operates within the video game industry while also crossing over into film and pop music. Over the last few years, his work has been featured in numerous diverse projects, including GRAMMY-winning and nominated endeavors.A significant highlight of Joris's career involves his role as Co-Producer for one song and additional producer for the 64th GRAMMY Awards winning project for Best Musical Theater Album: “The Unofficial Bridgerton Musical.” Another notable collaboration was with Austin Wintory, where they co-produced the music for the GRAMMY-nominated videogame score “Stray Gods: The Roleplaying Musical,” which involved producing complex branching interactive song structures, allowing each player to hear completely different songs based on their choices.At Moonwalk Audio, Joris contributes original compositions, productions, synthesizer production, and percussion to a range of video game projects and live events.
In collaboration with Austin Wintory, Joris creates additional synthesizer production and records drums for a wide array of games, including the recently released LEGO Fortnite, Aliens Fireteam Elite (GRAMMY-Nominated), Assassin’s Creed: Codename Jade, and John Wick: Hex.
Venturing into pop music, Joris co-writes for J-pop, K-pop, and the Dutch industry, achieving several successful releases in recent years.Another exciting aspect of Joris's career is creating original music arrangements for Valve’s DotA2. Every year, Valve organizes The International, a large-scale eSports event. As the final round commences, the Seattle Symphony orchestra plays Joris's arrangements of DotA music as the opening ceremony, witnessed by thousands of visitors in the arena and millions of viewers online.





In 2019, he joined the Moonwalk Audio team as Senior Technical Advisor. At Moonwalk, Andy takes pride in his role as a troubleshooter and a solution-finder. Together with the team, and with a strong yes-first attitude, he helps the creative vision manifest in the most satisfying way possible for the developers, as well as the players.

Andy Frank has been passionate about game audio since his childhood, when he used a simple tape recorder to try his hand at recreating the music and sound effects from games like Pokémon, Tomb Raider and Final Fantasy 7. In college, he refined this passion into skill when he founded the Edinboro Composer’s Club, and he used his production experience at the local radio station to bring his music to student games and animations of various genres.


Working for several years as a music producer and songwriter in Pennsylvania, he felt increasingly compelled by his love for game audio, and he moved out to Los Angeles to make his lifelong dream a reality. Incurably driven to learn how sounds and music are implemented, he found himself working in programs like Wwise, Unity and FMOD. Within months, he was already providing solutions for developers who needed to bring their interactive audio to the next level.


Shaunna Vella



Shaunna joined the Moonwalk Audio team in 2018. Her career has primarily been in performance art, dance, live theater and education. She has a strong passion for games and her creative leadership is paramount. 

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