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About Us

Moonwalk Audio is a unique game audio studio with a wide reach - we have a small team of industry veterans, with over 600 video game credits, on multiple platforms. We partner with major developers to create amazing audio experiences for top selling mobile and casual games, and continue to raise the bar in quality, creativity, and interactivity. We take a hands on approach- as your “unofficial team member”, we work with you from conception to delivery. Our music and sound design don’t just sound awesome, we work closely with your tech team to make sure implementation is spot on.              

No project is too big - with studios in Los Angeles and San Francisco, we can meet the needs of any project size! Expect unique audio branding, memorable themes, unparalleled production quality, and imagination galore. Let’s talk about how to make your next project the best yet - with Moonwalk Audio, the difference in quality will have you over the moon!